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Business Storytelling

So, you’ve decided what your five-year strategy is going to be. First, you need your people to line up behind it and deliver it. Then, you also need your future clients’ attention.

You need a good story.

Storytelling is not always the thing when you need to manage your duties. But it’s exceptional at helping you lead and motivate people.

”People are attracted to stories, because we are social creatures and we relate to other people”. Read more about this on Harvard Business Review – or check out any TED talk.

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Digital Investor Relations communications

Who has time to study annual reports or follow a 75-minute long live broadcast from result event? Investors and analysts are busier than ever, but many listed companies still resort to 90’s style of communication in investor relations.

Although communication is getting increasingly digital, 67 % of Nordic company IR’s has not yet adopted use of social media. At the same time 40 % of analysts would like to see improvement in communication.*

Together with Blueberrycom Investor Relations, we have created a concept that helps to reduce the workload of IR and produce interesting digital content that meets the requirements of both regulations and busy analysts. We are looking for pilot projects in 2016. Contact us for more information.

*Regi IRO Insight 2015

Marketing & communications

We also offer following services

  • Creating a marketing and communications strategy.
  • Producing digital content, such as videos with a great story.
  • Creating media strategy, PR content and training you CEO to meet media.
  • Supporting international companies with their launch in Finland – especially Swedish ones.
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